“Clodify” CRM/ERP system – Case Study


What is “Clodify”?

The system was born as a simple CRM/ERP web standalone system in 2015. It was engineered to cover the management needs of the newborn IT company – Skynix LLC.

Intended purposes

There were two main functions first:

  1. Reporting – to assemble developer’s reports in one place. Customers were able to see online what the company was working on, what problems did the developers face and the current stage of projects/tasks implementation.
  2. Invoicing –  it allowed to invoice the customers easily, basing on the reported scope of work.

Initially, the system was designed and coded in a short period of time, using open source technologies like php, mysql, Yii2 Framework, Apache/Nginx web servers.


However, it was just the beginning. IT company was growing and their needs grew as well. Due to the fact that it had become a long project, the architecture was refactored into a modern distributed architecture with the use of docker engine, where:

  1. Frontend became a container with Emberjs framework
  2. Backend API was a set of containers with PHP & Yii2 Framework
  3. Database appeared to be a relational database server

“Clodify” now

Managers kept working on adding new features to the system, as IT Business experienced difficulties without them. And point-by-point “Clodify” has grown into a fully functional ERP system. Now it has the following features available:

  • Roles – the set of roles that cover business requirements to split access, UI and responsibilities.
  • Users – possibility to manage, invite, create, update developers, managers, customers, accountants, admin accounts.
  • Projects – possibility set up as many projects as business needs per customer.
  • Full Featured Reporting – company staff is able to report spent time on projects. And managers are able to review, approve or decline reports.
  • Invoicing – possibility to invoice customers, as a whole or by each project.
  • Salary Reporting – possibility set up and generate staff salary reports based on their activity, reported hours, worked days.
  • Financial Reporting – possibility to monitor the financial state of the company.
  • Monthly Reviews – a new feature to encourage staff to work with better performance by seeing their reviews. It influences their salaries growth.

Clodify reports Reporting in Clodify is very easy User page in Clodify List of Clodify users Clodify Dashboard The system has automatized the processes in the small IT business very well. And this, in turn, helped the management staff to get concentrated on company growth instead of doing the routine.

Why do we share it?

During 3 years the company had spent ~20,000 working hours on designing and developing this system. To not leave this huge effort and expenses without proper attention, we decided to show this product to the world. To get cold-eye feedbacks on the product and estimate it’s possible value, we decided to make this system absolutely free to use. For this purposes, it was re-architected into SAAS product and called “Clodify”. Now, everyone can register own business in the “Clodify” and start using it absolutely for FREE here: You can contact us here for any specifications. Or just leave a comment in the form below


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