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technology stack

rich & reliable backend development

Our backend experts build feature-rich web solutions,
both custom and platform-based, from scratch or using
proven PHP frameworks

elegant & responsive frontend development

Our front end developers can quickly customize and adapt your
website's UI to suit your unique company's needs. They make sure
your audience gets your brand's message in an effective way, on
every screen size imaginable.

development & operations

Our DevOps engineers are magicians of Amazon Web Services,
complex architectures, software integrations, mind-blowing
customizations and continuous integration systems. They ensure
that your staging and production environments have secure and
reliable architecture, and your customers never have to face any
downtimes, technical or security difficulties.

quality assurance

Any software development project at Skynix has
an integral testing part within.
Before we release your system, it goes through
manual and automated testing processes to ensure all code
is refined and is working in the intended manner.

search engine optimization

Skynix products meet all essential
technical SEO requirements by default.
A set of complementary SEO serviced
we provide are:

  • Complete SEO audit. Comprehensive analysis of the current state of the website
  • Competitors' research. Analyzing the biggest players in your niche
  • Semantic core collection and creating the most relevant website structure based on it
  • Optimizing snippet-forming tags and implementing microdata
  • Consultations on any possible SEO issues

project management & comunication

A key link between you and your team is your project manager.
They will translate your needs and wants into clear tech tasks,
coordinate all aspects of your project from start to end,
keeping you in control over your project progress and budget
regularly at the time suitable for you.

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