Duplicated PayPal Orders in Magento 2 free fix

Oleksii Prozhoha

We have faced many issues working with Magento 1 and 2 over past 10 years that the Magento Core team has happened to overlook.

Below you will find an example of a Magento 2.1.x and 2.2.x Core issue with PayPal and Skynix team’s complimentary solution to it. In compliance with Magento Development Best Practices this fix does not imply any core alterations, meaning your system will remain valid for future security patches and core upgrades.

What’s the problem?

  • In Magento Admin → Sales you can see some orders left by the same person with intervals of 1-3 minutes;
  • The order that was created first is a valid one, with the correct PayPal reference number and invoice;
  • All subsequent orders have identical products, shipping and billing address, but do not have valid Invoices and PayPal references.

The inconvenience is related to excessively time-consuming actions that the admin ends up performing:

  1. Review and detect duplicated orders;
  2. Cancel duplicated orders;
  3. Explain to the customers that only duplicated orders were canceled;
  4. Fix their inventory.

We have managed to reproduce this case by talking to end customers.

Some of them told us that they saw the following message: PayPal Express Checkout Token does not exist.

Why does Duplicated PayPal Orders issue appear in Magento 2?

We detected that this is happening when customers return back from PayPal to the store. When they click the “Place Order” button on a “Review page”, either of the following happens:

  1. Page freezes because of a large request and overloaded backend;
  2. Browser freezes because of excessive Javascript operations;
  3. Everything is stuck because of a weak internet connection on the customer’s side.

This results in having our user hit Refresh to reload the page.

After the page is reloaded the customer is left on the same “Review Order” page again.

Now, a real order is created and the customer is allowed to click “Place Order” again and again.

Each time the customer will see a message: PayPal Express Checkout Token does not exist.

In addition, new and new duplicated orders will be created in Magento admin panel.

Magento community tried to report this issue here, but they were ignored. The case was closed without any resolution.

Skynix LLC offers a completely free fix for duplicated PayPal orders issue!

  1. Download our solution from Github;
  2. Complete the installation;
  3. Forget about duplicated PayPal orders issue forever!
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