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Running a business means having different challenges to take care of. And staff hiring is one of the most crucial. People come first, the process next, and when together combined – some great products/services appear.

At some point, while resolving staffing challenges as a product owner you face a challenge “to hire a professional agency or certified freelancer”. Times can be different, reasons can be different, however, when it comes to options there are only 2 options to select from. To point you in the right direction, we have highlighted some hints that can be useful.

Hiring a Freelancer advantages:
– Affordability/Lower Budget
Freelancers usually set up their own rates which probably are cost-effective, and in general, they do not bother to include in a rate such expenses as office rent, vacations, or sick-leaves. However, once they understand what they actually miss, the rates generally start to increase drastically.
-Job-Specific Skills
Sometimes quite specific services/talents are required. Freelancers offer niche skill-set they are highly-qualified in.
If you need a few more experts for a project, you can outsource some of your development efforts and hire a freelancer or a few ones even. You will manage him/them directly and will be involved in the whole process.

Advantages of Hiring an Agency:
Individuals usually have flexible schedules and often you and your freelancer are located in different time zones. It can be a problem if an urgent issue appears. If you hire an agency, a manager will be in charge of schedules, budgets, resources, and update you on a regular basis. A lot of companies offer 24/7 support, so everything will be taken care of.
Only an agency can be hired if the project is important for the business and you won’t be held in the trap. For example, one of our past customers had chosen an individual, which cost only $40 cheaper. The freelancer has taken accesses and destroyed the resource
You may know some specifics of the website development, however, when it comes to questions like the tech stack to be used and what licenses to be bought often you will need a consultation and expertise. With a team of professionals, you can be sure they point you in the right direction. They are aware of all aspects of the work and advise what solution is the best fit for your ongoing project.

You may emphasize agencies or freelancers, however, think big and choose wisely.

And just in case you are looking for an agency to partner with – here we are. Drop us a line to get your project estimated, scoped, budgeted, and delivered. Let’s develop something great together!


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