How to pass Magento 2 certification?


We live in a fastgrowing world and business changes rapidly; business owners do not want to compromise commerce experience by using a one fit solution. And here comes Magento 2one of the worldsleading and the most featureset eCommerce platform. Developers with Magento 2 experience have become key players in the eCommerce market.

To help you to come up with the decisionwhether should I pass the Magento 2 certification or not”  and answer a question what it takes, we have prepared a short interview with one of our Magento 2 certifieddevelopers, here at Skynix.

Julia: Hello all. My name is Julia, I am a Business Development Manager at Skynix, and today I am here to point you in the right direction on how to pass Magento 2 certification. A few questions will behighlighted you might be interested in. The best answers we will get are from my colleague, a person with 5+ years of professional experience with Magento, a backend/fullstack Magento 2 certified developerMaryna. And the first question is How was your acquaintance with Magento and how have you decided to proceed with the certification?

Maryna: Hello, happy to share my experience, and hope it will be helpful. Regarding my acquaintance with Magento, it was a complete coincidence. I worked as a backend PHP developer at my previous joband we got a project based on Magento. Take it or leave it they say, so I took the risk and started learning a new eCommerce platform. After 1,5 years of experience with Magento Skynix supported me with thedecision to pass a certification. I have been preparing for about 23 weeks and successfully passed it.

J: What is the procedure? Are there some specifics in it? How did you manage to prepare for the certification? I have heard there are preparation courses from Magento (Adobe now). Have you attended any ofit?

M: Well, there are only 2 options though: to take Magento Training or get prepared by yourself. Magento provides a list of points like a plan to follow in preparation, all information/documentation is opensource. There are 2 ways to pass an exam: you can do it online or in the training center (you may check it on the Magento site by selecting your city or by writing to Magento support).

There are a few moments you should be aware of:
no materials/devices besides a PC(no papers, books, phones, watches);
you will be monitored all the time with video and audio(2 cameras are not builtin so you can arrange it freely, one for your hands, one will be monitored you in general);
you will not talk to anyone during the test;
fixed time, no pause/breaks in between.

J: And how do you feel about Magento 2 certification: is it worth it?

M: Magento 2 certification gives you a decent advantage over other developers. It will help easily rest assured customers to work with you specifically.

J: What advice will you give to developers who are going through the certification now? Is there anything else you would like to add?

M: Do not be afraid, be prepared, have a mentor, share your experience with other developers. For example, my colleague Olha was preparing for Magento certification at the same time I was, so we werediscussing a lot of possible issues, were looking for solutions together. We are team players here, it is one of Skynix’s advantages.

J: Thank you very much Maryna! That is, I believe, a very valuable piece of advice.

To sum up

Being a Magento 2 certified developer means that you are recognized as an expert and you are a trustworthy person to build a partnership with. Do not be scared, set and achieve new goals, and become a part of Magento certified developers family!


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