Launching your first eCommerce Progressive Web Application coded with Magento 2 PWA Studio


A new generation in eCommerce is being talked about by a lot of people. It is about redefining, facilitating user experience and us being forward-looking. It is about Progressive Web Application (PWA) coded with Magento 2 PWA Studio.

First things first. What is PWA?

A truly new concept of web applications has arrived when Google introduced Progressive Web Application in 2015. A fast and reliable, safe, and stable app-like webpage is similar to native desktop/mobile apps. It is supported by all browsers and has an ability to install an application directly from the browser, prompt to push notifications, and interact without an internet connection.

They say “All you need is love”, we say “All you need is Magento 2 PWA Studio”.

Magento PWA Studio is an open-source powerful set of tools(PWA-builderpack, Venia Storefront, Peregrine) and libraries(Webpack, React, Redux, GraphQL) that helps to develop/maintain your storefronts as Progressive Web Application on the top of Magento 2.

Magento PWA Studio:
-Works offline
With the browser-caching technique, some of the web pages are available for users offline or with a low internet connection with no reloads. Please, be advised that the increase in speed enhancement is possible only after the first store visit.
-Is cross-platform compatible
A web code can be run in any mobile browsers and any platforms. Moreover, there is no such industry that has a user-base as huge as mobile does. Would you like to go big? Additionally, there is no need to update PWA from the app store as they are updated in real-time just like a website.
-Ranks your website in search result pages
PWA improves critical modules of your web app that affect the ranking. Offline use, fast loading pages, and good interaction make users experience smoother and increase the average spent time and that affects Google’s indexation.
-No updates installation
You may update your PWA and no permission from the users is required. You can implement changes in real-time and users observe them without any additional install updates.
-Engages to push notifications
It is important to keep your customers updated. With PWA, you may push notifications offers.
-Saves your money
The use of a web stack for development makes it cost-beneficial.  No additional expenses for mobile apps development. A future for your business has arrived with Magento 2 PWA Studio.

If you can not wait for your first eCommerce Progressive Web Application to be launched, contact us now and we will be happy to discuss your project further.


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