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Oleksii Prozhoha

Today, more about Enterprise solutions for Ecommerce.

Reason why it is required

Nowadays, a majority of Enterprise customers have no choices other than choosing Magento 2 Enterprise Edition software and go with super expensive Magento Cloud, Magento modules, Magento theme and Magento custom development. As usual, Enterprise solutions are twice as expensive as Community solutions.

What do the Enterprises get as a result for this pricetag: Heavy, Resource-Intensive ecommerce solution.


This means, their ecommerce shop might work for the following cases only:

Case 1 – Small shops with less then 1000 visitors per day

In this case,  ecommerce team can work during the day, add/edit products, inventory, marketing pages etc.

Magento will flush cache for each action, and during working day with new visits cache will be restored.

Restored and flushed again and again.

It is not good for SEO and Conversion rates, but when there is not a lot visitors it is acceptable.

Case 2 – Mid size shops with 1000~10,000 visitors per day

In this case, ecommerce shop is limited. Because if their team works with Magento that loses cache during working day, a huge number of visitors will overload even the most powerful server architectures. This will significantly damage their SEO efforts and conversion rates, because the first visit of any page will be very slow, let alone checkout process.

To resolve this, ecommerce shop can instruct their team to work at nights only (not an ideal situation to be in, but it works for some businesses) or set up very expensive architectures with many expensive servers and pay tens of thousands of dollars a month for it.

Magento 2 React JS theme is an ultimate solution

For a long time we were looking for a solution how to built cost effective Enterprise ecommerce structures.

And finally, we have designed our own approach to working with Magento.

This is a lightweight, easily customizable and super cheap in maintenance Magento 2 theme coded with React JS.

Now, you may be thinking: “So what? There are plenty of Magento themes built with React and other Javascript libraries and frameworks.”

But this time, it is not just a traditional Magento theme.

This is a simple “Single Page Application” coded with React and NextJS Framework, that connects with Magento via API.

What it gives us and how it helps us resolve the problem for MID/LARGE shops:

  1. This is a cheap, cost effective solution, because
    1. it requires completely free Magento Community API
    2. it requires a free open source React and NextJS
    3. It requires small sized/not expensive servers
    4. It requires just mid skilled frontend Javascript / HTML5 / CSS3 developers for coding UI and functionalities, not rare and expensive Magento developers
  2. It is fast, because:
    1. The application is cached, for example by Cloudflare
    2. Even if our cache is lost, NextJS re-renders new HTML 20 times faster than it does Magento and takes a lot fewer resources
  3. It remains dynamic and allows ecommerce team work during the day, change inventory, prices, e.t.c., because:
    1. All ecommerce data such as prices, inventory, discounts and promotions is dynamic and fetched from API on the fly, keeping it always fresh on site pages
    2. CMS content remains cached, and it is only updated when changed, which is happening lot less frequently than for ecommerce pieces

As a result Enterprise Ecommerce Magento based store can be developed and run for 3~4 times less expenses and spend 10 times less money for server resources.


Our solution is an Enterprise level solution but for regular price.

It requires minimum effort of DevOps engineers to set it up and run.

The source code of it is available on Github. To get familiar with code just click here:—Magento-2-theme


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