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Have you ever wondered how to place all the beautiful images you have on your WordPress website in a logic and distinct order? Did you ever find yourself in endless and continuous search of what fits you best? I think some may have recognized themselves when reading these words. Whether you are an artist and have some paintings you want to show the world, or if you are a photographer and want to showcase a portfolio – you need a pretty-looking picture gallery plugin. If you have an image voting site, a site called a photobank – you need a solid responsive photo gallery.

Is there any good image gallery for WordPress in the market?

I believe there are many, honestly. But after spending hours while looking over many examples, I haven’t found the one that exactly fits my needs. The logical thing, since we at Skynix have got people really familiar with the coding stuff, the idea was to create a photo gallery widget from scratch. And since we needed it for a WordPress site – it was decided to have this picture gallery in a form of a plugin.

Further, a thought came to my mind. If my needs were not covered by existing solutions, this means there might be more people requiring about the same appearance and about the same functionality. So the decision was set up to wrap this solution up into something that anyone would be able to use. That’s how SX Photo Gallery WordPress plugin from Skynix LLC came down the pike. It appears to be:

  • Easy to manage
  • Responsive
  • Nice and pleasant looking
  • Simple to ask for support
  • Available for the most widespread website platform

Check out our WordPress plugin in a live demo view:

Is it free to download this widget?

You are welcome to upload it and use it at your own purpose, this is absolutely for free! Don’t believe it? Check the WordPress site, our photo gallery plugin is approved and available there:

Did you like this image gallery? Don’t forget to paste some feedback, we will really appreciate it! As well as, if you need any help with implementing nice design for your site, or even building it, or adjusting, or bugfixing, technically if you are in any need of web-development help – you are welcome to send a message to the author: [email protected]


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